The Colombian Space Agency (CSA; Spanish: Agencia Espacial de Colombia, AEC), was established on October 4, 2017 in Bogotá D.C. as a private, nonprofit corporation, created with the aim of articulate the academy, the government and the private sector and development the aerospace services and technologies industry in Colombia.

In October of 2018, AEC was named as an official member of the International Astronautical Federation - IAF. Its founder is the PHd. Pilar Zamora Acevedo.

The board of directors is formed by interdisciplinary organizations from different economic sectors such as the National Planning Department, the Mercantile Exchange of Colombia, the Embassy of France and the Colombian Areonautic Industry Corporation CIAC, among others.


Create an aerospace vision that allows to Colombia evolve in the application and development of satellite technologies, with the aim of promoting the productivity, efficiency, growth and integration of the differents economy sectors and thus contribute to building a more inclusive, prosperous, and advanced country.

¿How will we do it?, articulating the academy, the public and private sector under a dynamic innovation and constant evolution.

Board of Directors

AEC was named as an official member of the International Astronautical Federation - IAF.

Pilar Zamora Acevedo

Executive Director

Executive Director and founder of the Colombian Space Agency of private initiative and other consulting companies, has more than 15 years of experience in the public, private and academic sectors, holding executive positions in companies such as the ANI, (National Infrastructure Agency), FNA, (National Fund of Savings) and the IDB, among other positions.

In her academic career she has obtained titles such as: Doctorate in Law with an emphasis in financial law from Sergio Arboleda University; Master in Law with cum laude thesis from Sergio Arboleda University and Master in International contracts with the Government of the People's Republic of China, among others.

Gustavo-Gaviria (1)

Gustavo Gaviria

Vision de Valores

German Puerta

German Puerta

Disseminator of culture and science

Rafael-Mejia (1)

Rafael Mejia

Ex President
Colombian Mercantil Exchange

Gautier Mignot

Gautier Mignot

Embassy of France in Colombia

Flavio Ulloa

Flavio Ulloa

Ex President
Corporation of the Colombian Aeronautical Industry

Jose Javier Perez

José Javier Pérez

Ex Vice Minister
Colombian Ministry of Defense

Maria Rodriguez (1)

María Concepción Rodríguez

Attache of Defense
Embassy of France in Colombia

Strategic Allies

Vicepresidence of the Republic of Colombia

Ministry of National Defense

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Corporation of the Colombian Aeronautical Industry

National Planning Department

German Aerospace Center, (DLR)

Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency, (EXA)

South African National Space Agency, (SANSA)

Corporación Uniminuto


University of Andes

Contributions made by interested parties will finance the social projects of the Colombian Space Agency, for more information please contact us here.