Action Areas

Ag Tech

By the year 2050 we will be 9,000 million people in the world with a common need, FOOD; According to the FAO, (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Colombia is one of the 7 countries called to be a food pantry for the world and it's not a surprise since the country has 40 million hectares for agricultural use and cattle raising and is the second country with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Around this fundamental need, is our mission to promote projects that print technology to the field, looking for greater productivity, efficiency and sustainability in the sector.

Land and Satellite Connectivity

Through the geostationary satellites with reach over Colombia we can get a total coverage in the national territory, thus allowing our field access to productivity, to new markets, to the rest of the world. Regarding to the statement "it is an expensive service", we respond NO, it is not an expensive service if it is observed in the context of the opportunity cost, ¿how much lose Colombia, (world's pantry country), because it doesn't exploit all its agricultural potential?.
As a complement to satellite connectivity, we promote projects that use the existing fiber optic infrastructure to improve communications with a good cost / benefit ratio, so end users in every town, village, township, city and department will have the benefits of satellite connectivity and content.


By promoting connectivity in agricultural regions we give way to the IoT, (internet of things), technology. The IoT promotes the massive capture of data in favor of efficiencies and greater productivity in the processes, better diagnostics and therefore, better decisions.

Tele Education

Only through knowledge we can transform people's lives and generate valuable human capital, which is why one of our priorities is to use space technology to promote technical and virtual education projects that have an impact in the major percentage of the population, generating equity conditions regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic status.

Health Tech

Health is a fundamental right and an essential element of human dignity. Colombia has one of the best health systems worldwide, however there are considerable gaps between coverage and quality of service in urban and rural areas. With space technology we want to close these gaps, ensuring that the service is always provided under quality and equity parameters.

Financial Inclusión

The massive access of the population to the financial system is a vital element for economic development in Colombia, being able to take their services to more people is the purpose of financial inclusion and this is feasible through the use of space technology. In a first phase and hand in hand with our partners we are creating a risk profile according to the economic activity of our farmers, this makes it easier for banks to place resources by having reliable and updated information and promotes the development of financial products that fit the needs of the country.


Through the development of Cubesats, low-cost functional satellites, we seek to provide specific broad-impact solutions to the field.

Environment and Weather

To protect our diversity and natural resources we must have the tools to track activities that take place in reserve areas, also those that allow us identify abnormal behaviors and generate real time alerts so that the control entities can take the actions and avoid irreversible damages.

Geospatial Intelligence

Colombia requires a territorial development based on geospatial intelligence, a concept that includes applications of defense, security, intelligence, characteristics of the territory, location of resources, poles of development, areas with growth potential, among many others. Geospatial intelligence allows us to design the way in which the country develops and make decisions as it evolves.

Geospatial Intelligence

The custody and protection of our borders, skies, rivers and seas is one of the fundamental principles of the State, however, the extensive borders and the difficult geographic conditions in Colombia make it an arduous job for our military forces; Through the use of satellite technology, it is possible to monitor the territory in real time, with greater efficiency and lower costs, thus achieving a significant contribution to national security.

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